May 192018

Would you like to be a member of a fast growing organization?  In Vodafone Shared Services Budapest, we maximize value with everything we do, from Operational Excellence to Next Generation Services.  We operate with 1.800+ colleagues in Budapest, coming from 32 different nationalities, supporting 22 countries globally.   Join our team as:   Marketing Content […]

May 162018

Last year, I wrote an article for the Oracle Technology Network about the relationship between an API gateway and a microservice registry (the article can be found here). While the capability the article describes in terms of bringing a microservice registry and API platform has not yet arrived, it is our understanding that such integration […]

May 122018

It’s a bit controversial to say that microservices are not simple given how much is said about using them to simplify and accelerate software delivery. So can this statement even be made? It is, in Chris Richardson’s excellent new book, “Microservice Patterns” (here) and indirectly in Eric Evan’s “Domain-Driven Design” (here). Martin Fowler also agrees […]

May 072018

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Apr 192018

Many organizations have more than one application running to support their business processes. This is often driven by the fact that multiple divisions within the same organization have their own requirement to run their day-to-day operations. The IT landscape can quickly become a monstrous beast that is difficult to manage and tame. The different systems […]