May 222018

While the popularity of wearables in the form of fitness trackers is on the decline, the popularity of wearables in the form of smart watches that have embedded fitness trackers is booming. Whether the demand comes from health-conscious consumers looking to monitor the number of steps they take, stairs they climb, and calories they burn, […]

May 222018

IT, telekommunikáció IT helpdesk Középfokú végzettség Fels?fokú német nyelvtudás (szóban és írásban) Angol nyelvtudás el?nyt jelent MS Office alapos ismerete (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook) Windows 7 ismerete Ãœgyfélközpontú gondolko… IT Services Hungary click here for more details and apply to position

May 172018

Adminisztráció, asszisztencia recepciós, gyakornok (adminisztráció / asszisztencia) – ügyfelek, jelöltek fogadása – beérkez? telefonhívások kezelése – futárrendelés és postai ügyintézés – céges adatbázis karbantartása – Back office … Randstad – Recepción, Centralita click here for more details and apply to position

May 102018

We recently published an interesting report on cybersecurity and the retail industry which highlights how those retailers who can demonstrate how well they protect the security and privacy of their customers can obtain competitive advantage. Of course, protecting the security and privacy of (potentially) millions of customers is a non-trivial task, particularly if working in […]

Apr 242018

#callcentersuperhero ?*5 szeptemberében Junior Call Center Operátorként banki tapasztalat nélkül kezdtem dolgozni a cégnél. Egy év elteltével Senior Call Center Operátor lettem, majd nem sokkal kés?bb váltottam a Treasury Back Office os… Sberbank – Recepción, Centralita click here for more details and apply to position

Apr 142018

With the acceleration of business, and especially the continual emergence of new disruptive players, companies must continuously innovate. For this, most have ad-hoc structures in which experts actively monitor technologies, strategies, and emerging business models. However, because it sometime lacks discipline and proximity to the operational realities of the company, this approach can lead to […]

Apr 142018

The cybersecurity industry is facing a mounting talent crisis. Demand for cybersecurity experts is outstripping supply by 25% and analysts are predicting 1.8 million unfilled positions by 2022. This talent gap is quickly becoming a critical issue for businesses, leaving them dangerously exposed to cybercrime and putting their investments in digital transformation at risk. Innovative […]

Apr 122018

Az áru komissiózása PDA kiszedési lista alapján (könny? fizikai munka),. beérkez? áru átvétele, komissiózó tárhely feltöltése,. A komissiózott áru tételes min?ségi és mennyiségi ellen?rzése. Raktári rend folyamatos fenntartása a kijelölt te… AP-OFFICE Kft. – Comunicación, Publicidad, Medios click here for more details and apply to position

Apr 112018

In Vodafone Shared Services Budapest, we maximize value with everything we do, from Operational Excellence to Next Generation Services. We operate with 1.800+ colleagues in Budapest, coming from 32 different nationalities, supporting 22 countries and 150+ Vodafone Enterprise Customers around the world. Join our team as a:   Facility and Asset Management Specialist   Freshgrads […]

Apr 092018

A Pannon-Work Személyzeti Szolgáltató Zrt. megbízópartnere számára munkatársat keres az alábbi munkakörbe Ingatlangazdálkodási menedzser -*37 ***00 Elvárások: Fels?fokú gazdasági vagy m?szaki végzettség MS Office emelt szi… Pannon-Work Zrt. click here for more details and apply to position

Apr 042018

Eight principles to bridge the talent gap Click to Download Organizations will pay a high price to understand their cyber vulnerabilities. In early 2018, Google paid $105,000 to a researcher who unearthed a security flaw in its Pixel smartphones. This is the highest-ever reward made as part of its Android Security Rewards program. Statistics for […]