Oct 072019

Feladatok: Az egészséget nem veszélyeztet? és biztonságos munkavégzés követelményeinek betartatása A környezetirányítási rendszer (ISO*01:*5) fenntartása, fejlesztésében való segítségnyújtás, A MEBIR (OHSAS*01:*7) m?ködtet… Harman click here for more details and apply to position

Sep 182019

Role Summary:The GE Digital IT Risk & Compliance Team is looking for a specialist to work on new and existing tasks in risk management and compliance for GE Digital and GE Corporate businesses globally. The specialist will assist in various reviews and audits of internal GE developed/managed as well as external 3rd party managed (SaaS) […]

Sep 022019

In our first blog article, we explained why agile approaches make sense in the development of physical products. We also discussed how they can increase efficiency in product development, raise customer and employee satisfaction, and minimize risks. ln this article, we present some of the challenges organizations face when switching from waterfall to agile. Agility […]

Aug 132019

The EU’s Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) was just the beginning of several open banking initiatives, worldwide, that encourage the use of application programming interfaces (APIs) by third parties to build innovative financial products based on incumbent banks’ customer data. Similar schemes include the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) ruling, the Hong Kong Monetary […]

Aug 042019

Additional Work Location(s) : Budapest, Hungary Napi feladatok: Új digitalizált rendszerbe az elvégzett 8d-k feltöltése, dokumentálása, audit tervezések ISO*1 bels? auditok elvégzése ? nyomonkövetése ? rendszertámogatás Mérnökök munk… Harman click here for more details and apply to position