Mar 182019

Beck and Partners Személyzeti Tanácsadó Iroda A munkavégzés helye Budapest Munkaid? teljes munkaid? Ãœgyfelünk egy svéd hátter?, mérnöki / informatikai szoftverfejleszt? és szolgáltató cég, kiemelt fókusszal a beágyazott rendszerekre… Beck & Partners – Informática, Sistemas, Internet click here for more details and apply to position

Mar 132019

Studies across the globe have observed that manufacturers are racing for innovation leadership in digital manufacturing. In this race, the Internet of Things (IoT) pilots initiated by manufacturers are at the forefront. However,  all is not well with these pilots. In the early days, the discussion about IoT was focused more on the vision and […]

Mar 062019

The automotive industry is lagging in its digital transformation journey; it remains quite heavily industrialized and will require time to transform. But with increasing pressure and time to go green running out, the industry cannot delay in making strong digital investments that will show a meaningful return to customers and partners any longer. With one […]

Mar 032019

A Dorsum Investment Software keresi agilis, kedves, precíz és mindenre elszánt irodai asszisztensét, aki amellett, hogy csillámos unikornis, ügyes és egy hasonlóan különleges csapat részenként tervezi a hosszútávú karrierjét! 6 órás Offic… DORSUM Zrt. – Informática, Sistemas, Internet click here for more details and apply to position

Feb 232019

Host/Hostess Hirdetés szövege: A Costes Kft Pályázatot hirdet az alábbi állás betöltésére: Host / Hostess F?bb feladatok, munkák: az étterembe érkez? telefonos és internetes foglalások kezelése az étterem saját online foglalási … Costes Kft – Informática, Sistemas, Internet click here for more details and apply to position

Feb 222019

In his book entitled “Capital in the 21st Century,” published in 2013, Thomas Piketty proposed that inequality is not an accident, but a feature of capitalism, and can only be reversed through state intervention.1 The book argued that the world is returning to “patrimonial capitalism,” in which much of the economy is dominated by inherited […]

Feb 192019

‘What do you really want?’ This simple, but significant question often plays on the mind of any marketer or salesperson. Unlike in business-to-consumer (B2C) markets, many business-to-business (B2B) players find it difficult to ask this question to their end-users because they simply do not have a direct relationship with them. In the age of customer […]

Feb 162019

Although automation is universally applicable to every organization, robotic process automation (RPA) also has unique applicability across industries. Some RPA such as order processing and payroll calculations are common across industry sectors, while others such as revenue assurance and customer invoicing are unique to certain sectors. For example, the risks and controls applied to customer […]