May 252018

Over the past few years, the financial services (FS) landscape has transformed as incumbent banks and insurers saw their market share drop with the rise of FinTech and InsurTech startups. A big reason for this is that FinTechs and InsurTechs revolutionized the customer experience in the banking and insurance industries by offering end-to-end, highly personalized […]

May 172018

To better understand digital customer experience (DCX) through the eyes of both consumers and business leaders, Capgemini Digital Transformation Institute conducted a global survey in 2017 that polled 3,300 consumers and 600 executives from sectors including utilities, consumer products, retail banking, retail, and internet-based services.[1] [2] The analysis discovered the critical need for businesses across […]

May 122018

We live in exciting times. New technologies spawn new opportunities for disrupting markets, creating new business models, reaching new customers, etc. In-memory databases and new hardware innovations, combined with cloud provisioning, have increased the performance and scalability of systems to speed up existing processes while at the same time fueling the creativity that leads to […]

May 122018

Co-authors: Christophe Vergne, Cards and Payment Practice Leader, Capgemini and  Jan Dirk van Beusekom, Executive Director of Cash Management, BNP Paribas As developing markets continue to embrace tech innovation – connected homes, contactless bank cards, and wearable devices – mobile payments and wallets have taken the lead among non-cash transactions in China and are growing their […]

May 112018

Disruption, in an amplified form, is in store for retailers in the near future. Autonomous retailing, frictionless shopping, Conversational Commerce, and streaming supply chains will enrich customer experiences in retail. The Internet of Things (IoT) will be the centerpiece of this strategy, enabling companies to offer customized experiences to customers. However, there is a word […]

May 102018

We recently published an interesting report on cybersecurity and the retail industry which highlights how those retailers who can demonstrate how well they protect the security and privacy of their customers can obtain competitive advantage. Of course, protecting the security and privacy of (potentially) millions of customers is a non-trivial task, particularly if working in […]

May 052018

The manufacturing industry is overwhelmed with advent of machines, technology and the internet. The fourth industrial revolution is all set to make manufacturing more Digital and only intelligent machines can make this happen. With rise of machines, robotics, more automation, agile manufacturing and increasing customization; manufacturing operations has become very complex. This demands better performance […]

May 052018

If you are looking for an opportunity where you can gain real work experience in a diverse, multinational environment, Vodafone Shared Services Budapest is waiting for you. Are you ready to grow with us?   Join us as an   IoT Project Delivery Intern Your tasks will be – Coordinating Internet-of-things (IoT) projects in the […]

May 032018

To understand consumer and commercial firms’ perception of customer experience (CX), Capgemini Consulting conducted a global survey in 2017 that polled 3,300 consumers and 600 executives from business sectors including utilities, consumer products, retail banking, retail, and internet-based services.[1] [2] The analysis discovered a disconnect between the perceptions of consumers versus those of company executives. […]

May 032018

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May 012018

The Internet of Things is a genuinely ground-breaking technology innovation: smart devices have the potential to reshape the way that organizations work. Leading innovators recognize this. Microsoft, for instance, has recently announced that it will invest over $5 billion in the IoT over the next four years. This investment reflects the huge potential of the technology. […]

Apr 212018

The wide range of human emotions makes a successful one-size-fits-all digital experience elusive. However, there is growing evidence that digital customer experience (DCX) translates into commercial rewards for those firms committed to improving customer satisfaction through digital programs. An American luxury retailer, Nordstrom, offers its customers digital services such as mobile checkout, the ability to […]