Nov 282017

We are all familiar with the term “Internet of people.” Every minute, there are around four million posts being shared on Facebook, around half a million tweets, and hundreds of hours of new videos being uploaded. You might even share this article via one of the social media. There is no doubt, this is a […]

Nov 272017

Digital India, championed by the Indian government, is a program set to transform the lives of citizens across the country. It is emerging as a movement for social and economic empowerment, while delivering its core mandate of digital access and connectivity for every citizen. India’s digital leadership was clearly visible post-demonetization when the effort to […]

Nov 112017

The blockchain is poised to radically change the business model of transaction-based industries globally through its multifaceted value propositions that are aligned with the business requirements of today’s environment. Key Value Propositions of Blockchain: Powered by the key attributes of agility, security, and cost-effectiveness, blockchain has been welcomed for experimentation and piloting by a large […]