Apr 182018

Of the three and a half billion internet users out there, three billion are active on social media. Can you really afford not to know what they’re saying? Of course, you can’t. Luckily, the same technology that allows nearly 40% of the world’s population to instantly exchange views on any topic, also allows you to […]

Apr 072018

Many of our customers have correctly designed their infrastructure by sizing the servers and using design thinking to establish the mobile app’s UX – User Experience, but how can you tell whether your mobile app is going to work correctly in all the countries you want it to? What will be its real performance in […]

Apr 062018

Az Adecco a világ vezet? nemzetközi hátter? HR szolgáltatója eCommerce Piackutató pozícióba keres szakembert, elektronikai termékek nagykereskedelmével foglakozó partneréhez. Feladatok: Internetes áruházak és webshopok figyelése. A… Adecco – Informática, Sistemas, Internet click here for more details and apply to position

Apr 052018

As banks are compelled to offer better, more relevant customer experiences, we see the resultant impact on business models, platforms and the competitive product landscape. Throughout our upcoming blog series, we will examine the implications of this new environment and determine how banks can respond. An environment of fundamental change Change drivers vary by region. […]

Apr 052018

Csongrád Munkavégzés helye: Szeged Szaküzletbe keresünk értékesít? munkatársat. Értékesítésben szerzett tapasztalat, internet ismeret és használat, Word, Excel programok magabiztos használata, idegen nyelvtudás /angol, német/ , vev?orien… – Informática, Sistemas, Internet click here for more details and apply to position

Mar 292018

The Capgemini Unlocking the business value of IoT in operations (IoT) report launched earlier this month makes it abundantly clear that the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is here to stay. Where implemented successfully, connected machines and assets can be hugely beneficial to an organization; yet creating a successful business case remains a challenge. In […]

Mar 232018

Bank Channels Evolve The banking industry has been slow to evolve. It wasn’t until 1967 that bank-teller operations were automated as ATMs made their debut. Dial-in telephone service followed and branch-based customer support was dramatically reduced. Moreover, online banking gradually became mainstream throughout the past 20 years as customer centricity became increasingly important. The smartphone […]

Mar 202018

Energy operators are accelerating their digital transformation in order to meet the challenges of energy transition, adapt to new consumer uses, and optimize their operations. However, digitalization, together with structural changes in the sector, such as decentralization or the arrival of purely digital players, significantly increases the risk of cyberattacks. Multifarious, these now affect all […]

Mar 152018

The traditional utility business model of generating and distributing energy was relatively simple: utility companies would only collect very elementary data relating to the levels of consumption on customer premises. Customer engagement only happened through the one-way communication of energy bills. With the digitization of traditional grids, featuring advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems and intelligent […]

Mar 142018

The discrete industries sector is taking the right step toward cognitive computing and robotic process automation by using the “smart factory” model to achieve operational excellence. According to the report Smart Factories: : How can manufacturers realize the potential of digital industrial revolution by Capgemini , an average of 20%, 19%, and 17% benefits have been […]

Mar 062018

In my last blog series, looking at the Insurer of the future, I looked at how insurers will change in response to new opportunities and changing customer demands. This short series will focus more closely on the changing demands of insurers’ customers, and looks at the insurance customer of the future. Part 1 looks at who the insurance customer of the future will […]