Dec 082018

Digital experience initiatives are threatened by fragmented cybersecurity practices Innovative companies are equipping employees with current technology and embracing new business-to-business and Internet of Things platforms, but this push to deliver excellent digital experiences comes with an unintended consequence: higher exposure to security risks as the attack surface grows. A company’s attack surface is the […]

Dec 082018

Decentralized applications (DApps) provide the user experience for blockchain as it offers an interface through which the user can perform any transaction on the said technology. Keeping it simple, consider this as a front end for the blockchain. DApps do require the browser extension to be able to connect to blockchain and either write data […]

Dec 052018

Industry has been fraught with the questions and ideas around customer experience. For the provider of services, it is about faster availability of information to serve the customer and the right products with which to appeal to the intended segments. As the world explodes with data, the insatiable need to access information on demand and […]

Nov 272018

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the hottest topic in the corporate world and it is affecting a plethora of areas in our lives. Tasks that once took days to perform manually are now being replaced with automations, reducing cycle times to hours or even minutes. Operational risk management (ORM) is no exception. FinTechs and financial institutions […]

Nov 102018

A Siemens válaszokat biztosít korunk legéget?bb kérdéseire: infrastruktúrát építünk ott, ahol még nincs és fejlesztünk, ott ahol van. Ellátjuk a világot energiával, segítünk az iparágak gördülékeny és fenntartható m?ködtetésében és részt vá… Siemens – Informática, Sistemas, Internet click here for more details and apply to position

Nov 082018

For the second year, Capgemini’s World Energy Markets Observatory (WEMO) offered specific insights into the North American energy and utilities market. The data shows that new entrants and changing consumer demand is driving transformation within the utilities market. New entrants cannot be ignored The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating new competitors from unexpected places. Tech […]

Nov 082018

Enterprise architecture (EA) resurgence began in 2016–2017 and was driven primarily by the “digital agenda.” It wasn’t necessarily as much about the EA program as it was about the EA role. Today, there is another resurgence of EA, driven by digital transformation programs combined with rapidly evolving technologies such as: blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), robotic […]

Jul 102018

Co-authors: Christophe Vergne, Cards and Payment Practice Leader, Capgemini and Jan Dirk van Beusekom, Executive Director of Cash Management, BNP Paribas The Payment Services Directive 2 or PSD2 has been in full force for more than six months, and its impact is being felt not just in the European Union, but across the globe – with […]

Jul 072018

Customer experience is a combination of the perceptions, emotions, and reactions that a consumer has while using different channels to interact with a company’s environment, products, or employees. Major brands aspire to deliver an engaging and compelling experience across all the touch points and “moments of now” they have with their individual customers. To deliver […]

Jul 062018

In 20th Century, Oil was the most valuable resource, but not anymore. In today’s Digital Age ‘Data is the new oil’. It will play a similar role, perhaps bigger. A game changer that provides power in terms of ‘Information’ and competitive advantage through ‘actionable insights’. Some experts call it as a commodity but an ever-increasing […]