Mar 132019

Studies across the globe have observed that manufacturers are racing for innovation leadership in digital manufacturing. In this race, the Internet of Things (IoT) pilots initiated by manufacturers are at the forefront. However,  all is not well with these pilots. In the early days, the discussion about IoT was focused more on the vision and […]

Mar 102019

**Role Summary:** Measurement & Control Project Coordinator for Bently Nevada and Controls Solutions. Support the BN&CS Project Management team with Project Administration tasks. **Essential Responsibilities:** The Project Coordinator is responsible for defined projects with moderate complexity. Project Coordinator will support a team of Project Managers distributed across sites in Europe. Day-to-day responsibilities include: + Sales […]

Mar 072019

**Role Summary:** Associate Customer Service Representative works within a team environment that delivers Order Entry, Inside Sales and Administration activities, as well as acting as one of the main pre- and after-sales customer contact points, responsible for managing fast and effective exchange of commercial information between Field Sales, Distributors, Supply Chain/Logistics and other departments, in […]

Mar 062019

**Role Summary:** An intern – as a member of a team – develops Cloud based Healthcare software solutions with other teams of a large organization. **Essential Responsibilities:** As an intern, you will: + Participate in the implementation of innovative end-to-end applications + Write code that meets standards and delivers desired functionality using the technology selected […]

Feb 282019

**Role Summary:** Lead the preparation of product features and engineering initiatives impacting the work of multiple scrum teams in an organization developing the software platform for medical visualization applications. It requires close collaboration with local and remote software engineering teams and internal or external customers. **Essential Responsibilities:** • Understand business & technology vision for current […]

Feb 282019

**Role Summary:** Responsible for driving technical accounting compliance, financial and operational internal controls, process simplification, and operational excellence to deliver accurate actual financial reporting and analysis. Entry level professional positions; includes some team leader positions. Requires good understanding of work routines and procedures. Limited independence in problem solving and decision making. **Essential Responsibilities:** Responsible for […]

Feb 282019

**Role Summary:** The Bently Project Engineer is responsible for the technical execution and supervision of Bently vibration monitoring solutions projects, for the architectural design of the solution, supervision of the cabinet design and for the configuration of the Bently monitoring systems and System 1 servers. **Essential Responsibilities:** • Technical management of engineering activities in vibration […]

Feb 262019

**Role Summary:** Provide HR direction and support to our employees in the new BHGE Global Finance Center (GFC) in order to efficiently manage, retain and grow the organisation. Give them a world class business partnering support. Be a partner for leaders and advocate to all employees throughout the supported organisations. Drive and lead the HR […]

Feb 262019

**Role Summary:** As the Parts Master Scheduler, you will be responsible for managing sourced parts inventory allocation for the Global Parts Fulfillment COE. In this role, you will be the front-end demand scheduler responsible for optimizing and prioritizing the scheduled ship sequence for critical parts in order to maximize on time delivery and fulfillment customer […]

Feb 262019

Customer loyalty is undeniably important. Research asserts that customer acquisition can cost up to five times more than retention.[1] Loyal customers not only sustain market share but they also grow it by influencing networks with positive word of mouth. In the ever-competitive landscape of field service management, where asset uptime is critical, gaining customer loyalty […]

Feb 232019

**Role Summary:** We’re looking for a candidate for the Global Finance Center Controllership team who can support us with our daily tasks. During the internship we’ll aim to involve the candidate in “Record to Report” related activities and provide a broad picture of the team’s responsibilities. **Essential Responsibilities:** + Gain experience in General Accounting and […]

Feb 222019

In his book entitled “Capital in the 21st Century,” published in 2013, Thomas Piketty proposed that inequality is not an accident, but a feature of capitalism, and can only be reversed through state intervention.1 The book argued that the world is returning to “patrimonial capitalism,” in which much of the economy is dominated by inherited […]