Oct 232019

As reporting emerged as a valuable management tool, rather than a response to public outcry, reporting across all sectors and all types of organizations became more sophisticated. Now research indicates that at least three-quarters of all mid-large organizations report on responsible and sustainable business practices. Ten years ago, we marked the launch of our environmental […]

Sep 242019

Technology is changing our world, and with it bringing new challenges and opportunities for sustainability. Our industry, Information Technology, currently accounts for around 3% of global carbon emission – more than Spain, Italy, France, and Portugal combined. If it were a country, the sector would be the third-largest electricity consumer in the world – sobering […]

Sep 192019

What exactly is genderi parity? What is its significance in the workplace? Let’s review the term in its social context and then briefly consider its role in the workplace. Gender parity is a statistical measure that provides a numerical value of female-to-male ratios for indicators such as income or education. In simple terms, it refers to the […]

Aug 162019

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) could easily be mistaken for an auto industry event, and that reflects the larger trend in the industry of car manufacturers moving from focusing on horsepower to focusing on the software running the vehicles. Technology is now a critical component of every new vehicle. It’s not unusual for new cars […]