May 182018

“Energy transition,” the profound transformation of how energy is produced and consumed, has emerged in Europe from the widely accepted truth that in order to address existing climate challenges we must both reduce energy consumption and replace fossil fuels with renewable energies. But is this truth universally accepted? Many of the specialists we surveyed for […]

May 112018

The move has led to the realization of value around key business priorities, such as: Creation of individualized customer experiences through continuous innovation thanks to cloud-native agility and flexibility Development of customer insights using big data and analytics applications enabled by elastic and scalable cloud-native architecture Compliance with regulatory reporting requirements through burst processing in […]

Apr 142018

The cybersecurity industry is facing a mounting talent crisis. Demand for cybersecurity experts is outstripping supply by 25% and analysts are predicting 1.8 million unfilled positions by 2022. This talent gap is quickly becoming a critical issue for businesses, leaving them dangerously exposed to cybercrime and putting their investments in digital transformation at risk. Innovative […]

Apr 122018

Since we published Cloud native comes of age, my colleagues and I have been talking about the challenges and rewards of cloud-native development. We’ve blogged about why DevOps is the key to modern applications and continuous delivery, and how CIOs can take the lead in reinventing their organizations for digital business. In our podcasts, we’ve […]