Apr 142018

A Cargill nemzetközi cég élelmiszeripari, mez?gazdasági, pénzügyi és ipari termékeket és szolgáltatásokat nyújt ügyfeleinek. Az*5-ben alapított családi tulajdonú társaság a világ 65 országában** alkalmazottal dolgozik. A Cargill in… Cargill Magyarorszag Zrt click here for more details and apply to position

Feb 072018

The 2017 edition of the Open Data Maturity in Europe study shows that European countries have engaged in what can be called an “Open Data race to the top.” With more and more Open Data published across Europe, Open Data has become a catalyst for a country’s digital transformation at national, regional, and local levels. […]

Feb 072018

Continuing with my series of 2018 predictions in the energy and utilities industry launched last week with prediction 1 on the rise of RenTechs, be sure to read prediction 2 on self-powering communities and prediction 3 on the role AI and robotics will play for utilities. Prediction 2—Consumers will consider self-powering communities over traditional utilities […]