May 222018

While the popularity of wearables in the form of fitness trackers is on the decline, the popularity of wearables in the form of smart watches that have embedded fitness trackers is booming. Whether the demand comes from health-conscious consumers looking to monitor the number of steps they take, stairs they climb, and calories they burn, […]

May 182018

“Energy transition,” the profound transformation of how energy is produced and consumed, has emerged in Europe from the widely accepted truth that in order to address existing climate challenges we must both reduce energy consumption and replace fossil fuels with renewable energies. But is this truth universally accepted? Many of the specialists we surveyed for […]

May 172018

To better understand digital customer experience (DCX) through the eyes of both consumers and business leaders, Capgemini Digital Transformation Institute conducted a global survey in 2017 that polled 3,300 consumers and 600 executives from sectors including utilities, consumer products, retail banking, retail, and internet-based services.[1] [2] The analysis discovered the critical need for businesses across […]

May 122018

“The only constant is change” (Heraclitus of Ephesus (c. 500 BCE)) Even though this phrase is 2500 years old it still very much applies to “our life”. Change is a constant and today in an IT context, change is faster, more frequent and with less certainty as before – VUCA is trying to provide some principles and […]

May 122018

Co-authors: Christophe Vergne, Cards and Payment Practice Leader, Capgemini and  Jan Dirk van Beusekom, Executive Director of Cash Management, BNP Paribas As developing markets continue to embrace tech innovation – connected homes, contactless bank cards, and wearable devices – mobile payments and wallets have taken the lead among non-cash transactions in China and are growing their […]

Apr 112018

Across the globe, banks are in transition. The pace of change is accelerating as the competitive landscape intensifies. How should banks prepare for rapid change today and throughout the coming years? Now, more than ever, a digital, opti-channel, ecosystem model must be considered. Based on new operating models that enable the rapid evolution of services, […]

Apr 072018

Many of our customers have correctly designed their infrastructure by sizing the servers and using design thinking to establish the mobile app’s UX – User Experience, but how can you tell whether your mobile app is going to work correctly in all the countries you want it to? What will be its real performance in […]

Apr 062018

Let’s define a new service that would leverage these while providing value-added services to the end customer as well as additional services. STEP ONE: AXA Fizzy, an interesting use case leveraging blockchain technology will offer its customers a totally new experience. The AXA Fizzy service launched in 2017 is a blockchain-based service that automatically and instantly reimburses the […]

Apr 042018

Eight principles to bridge the talent gap Click to Download Organizations will pay a high price to understand their cyber vulnerabilities. In early 2018, Google paid $105,000 to a researcher who unearthed a security flaw in its Pixel smartphones. This is the highest-ever reward made as part of its Android Security Rewards program. Statistics for […]

Mar 142018

According to a recent CB Insights analysis of earning calls transcripts, AI is the single “mega-trend” on corporate executives’ agenda. AI is opening up countless possibilities in many areas—augmenting employees, automating processes, transforming customer experience and decision-making, or shaping new businesses. You might be wondering where to start, or where to go next. As food […]