Feb 192018

The world of cross-industry collaboration has changed dramatically. Traditional definitions were about product distribution, or supply chain alliances—different players coming together to market a product, build a city, or fill up a marketplace. There was typically one dominant player in the middle of this collaboration. In contrast, the real conversation these days is about creating […]

Feb 102018

War is 90% Information—Napoleon Bonaparte We all know and have heard that organizations today face a “war for talent” and winning this war requires new ways of finding and retaining talent. The winners in this war will be those who use data as a competitive advantage to locate and attract the right talent. Thus, it […]

Feb 062018

2017 was a tumultuous year for the utilities industry. Energy and utilities companies must now address two seemingly contradictory requirements: the need to innovate and the need to economize. Accompanying these long-term drivers, five trends will shape the energy and utilities landscape in the coming year: the rise of renewable energy techs and companies (RenTechs), […]

Feb 012018

On February 8, 2018, I will have the great privilege of opening the 19th annual French Renewable Energy Association (SER) Congress in the distinguished presence of Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, Ecology Minister Nicolas Hulot, and many others. I will take this opportunity to present some of the results of Capgemini’s World Energy Markets Observatory (WEMO) […]

Jan 132018

Digital transformation, falling renewable technologies costs, and new storage solutions are accelerating the energy transition. The energy sector is being completely transformed by these technological advances and is moving towards the concept of “Internet of Energy.” Consumers have new expectations. They want to reduce their energy bills, secure and decarbonize their energy supply, and benefit […]

Nov 282017

We are all familiar with the term “Internet of people.” Every minute, there are around four million posts being shared on Facebook, around half a million tweets, and hundreds of hours of new videos being uploaded. You might even share this article via one of the social media. There is no doubt, this is a […]

Nov 112017

On a recent trip to Germany I had a drink with my former co-worker Andreas, who is the new Head of R&D at a certain global car manufacturer in Munich. Andreas told me his company doesn’t have a Chief Product Security Officer, which is the equivalent role to a CISO in the R&D space. However, […]

Nov 112017

The blockchain is poised to radically change the business model of transaction-based industries globally through its multifaceted value propositions that are aligned with the business requirements of today’s environment. Key Value Propositions of Blockchain: Powered by the key attributes of agility, security, and cost-effectiveness, blockchain has been welcomed for experimentation and piloting by a large […]