Jun 202018

An elite group of automation “Masters” is leading the way in finance automation. Guided by a transformation strategy, Masters often enjoy higher revenue growth from automation than “Novices” that have only started to implement a strategy. In the first post in this series, I looked at some of the main findings of Capgemini’s recent “Reimagining […]

Jun 152018

Customized products and services have been proven to bolster customer engagement, and insurers are leveraging advanced analytics to update their portfolios. Product and service personalization helps generate new revenue streams and retain current customers. In fact, 72.1% of insurance executives interviewed for the WIR 2017 said that building individual customer profiles can generate new revenue […]

Jun 152018

The traditional banking model is undergoing rapid and significant transformation fueled by heightened customer expectations, a raft of regulatory mandates, and the convergence of emerging technology with new business models that blurs lines between previously distinct industries. As banks face ever-increasing disruption and fierce competition, they are confronted with the age-old debate – buy versus […]

Jun 102018

Traditionally, property and casualty insurers have offered customers liability coverage and property protection coverage in exchange for a premium. Today, however, connected devices empower insurers to leverage real-time data related to the insured (dwelling, vehicle, equipment) to mitigate risk or offer customers loss-prevention measures. Thanks to the interactive touchpoints generated through connected devices, customers and […]

May 252018

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May 202018

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May 182018

“Energy transition,” the profound transformation of how energy is produced and consumed, has emerged in Europe from the widely accepted truth that in order to address existing climate challenges we must both reduce energy consumption and replace fossil fuels with renewable energies. But is this truth universally accepted? Many of the specialists we surveyed for […]

May 182018

Today’s consumers have become accustomed to the transparency, quality, and service speed of firms such as Amazon and Google and now expect similar flexibility and accessibility from their insurance providers. It is not surprising, therefore, that more and more insurers are leveraging technological advancements such as telematics, robo advisors, artificial intelligence, big data, and analytics, […]

Apr 192018

Researchers who study evolution and the history of human behavior believe that human beings always had the basic desire to live in a society, rather than living as individuals. Over the years, human beings established institutions such as the judiciary, banks, marketplaces, corporates, and governments to enable value exchange for a better lifestyle and society. […]

Apr 112018

Across the globe, banks are in transition. The pace of change is accelerating as the competitive landscape intensifies. How should banks prepare for rapid change today and throughout the coming years? Now, more than ever, a digital, opti-channel, ecosystem model must be considered. Based on new operating models that enable the rapid evolution of services, […]