Jun 152018

Customized products and services have been proven to bolster customer engagement, and insurers are leveraging advanced analytics to update their portfolios. Product and service personalization helps generate new revenue streams and retain current customers. In fact, 72.1% of insurance executives interviewed for the WIR 2017 said that building individual customer profiles can generate new revenue […]

Jun 152018

First, as of the past decade, cybersecurity threats have increased and changed dramatically. Legacy methods, such as antivirus and firewall together with patch management, used to be pretty good prevention methods but can no longer thwart the modern attacker. Hackers can easily bypass existing controls and operate within a network and systems for weeks, sometimes […]

Apr 042018

Eight principles to bridge the talent gap Click to Download Organizations will pay a high price to understand their cyber vulnerabilities. In early 2018, Google paid $105,000 to a researcher who unearthed a security flaw in its Pixel smartphones. This is the highest-ever reward made as part of its Android Security Rewards program. Statistics for […]

Mar 242018

In the last few months, I have witnessed several client conversations about the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) impacting “personal data” application services delivered from non-EU locations. The first reaction (not backed up by application or transaction insight) is usually that data processing services for such applications cannot be offshored to a non-EU location—which […]